vineri, 26 iunie 2009

Please, God ! Have MERCY !!!!!

Noooooooooooooo !!!!! I just simply REFUSE to believe it!!!
This CAN NOT be happenning !!!
Pls, God! Have mercy! :(((
Have mercy on me, on my soul, on thousands Michael Jackson's fans souls !!!

I am reading on internet that Michael has suffered this afternoon a heart-attack and has been take by paramedics to the UCLA LA Hospital.

His father has given no confirmation on Michael's health status and though, these sites (, foxnews, LA Times, The Associated Press, CNN presents the news but is mentioning that they do not confirm it!!!) are writing that Michael has died at the age of 50!!!

I am looking on internet, I simply went crazy since I read this stupid news; I refuse to think of it. This can not be possible !!! It would mean that I have lost ALL my idols!!! And I only have 33 years old !!!! First, I lost Drazen Petrovic (30 and smth years old), my favorit basketball player, in 1993; then, I lost in 2003, the king of my soul - Eduardo Palomo (41 years old); 3 years ago (will be in October this year) I lost my father!!! And now, the last idol of mine, the idol I have grown up with, the unique genius of pop music, the one who changed and re-wrote the way of the music's history, to lose him also ??? And at only 50 years???
Then, what is the meaning of this bulshit life IF I am losing everyone I love, everyone I adore???
Pls God!!!! Have mercy !!!

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