marți, 23 iunie 2009

Michael Jackson - my music King

Michael Jackson: for most of you, a controversial person. For me, simply a Genius, above all of us and thus, non-understandable, as all genius people are. Michael came on this world to allay our pain, to enjoy our souls, to bring the smile on our faces after a hard and of a hell working day. 

Michael is a Genius of our times - as Motzard or Elvis were for theirs. Even we, the common people, have our own madness or crazyness - so lets first to see the forest from our own yards before to point on the tree of the others, shall we??

Michael is for the pop-music a God: the sounds, the videos, the shows, the dance would have never been as they are now without Michael. Therefore, for all Michael did and will do for the music, we only have to say to him: THANK YOU, MICHAEL! :-*

One of Michael's magnificant videos is "Dirty Diana". And Michael looks like an angel!!! It was he's best period in the side of good-looking from my point of view. There were the years when every woman was dreaming to have the chance to be near Michael, to touch him, to hold him, to kiss him, to love him. There were the years when the pretty-"bad" boy was turning us on :)) (and I was only a kid on those years :)).

Then, came the time of "Dangerous" album and tour, with Michael's live concert on Lia Manoliu stadium in Bucharest 1992. It was the time of another piece of work - Remember the time video:

If there is one thing to regret in my life of not doing it, it is the fact that I missed his concert. Due to my parents, who considered I was too young (17 years old) to go by myself from Craiova to Bucharest and "alone" to the concert on the stadium. I still disagree, I still don't think smth wrong could have occured to me there :P

Now, I will share with you, a part of my "sweet-crazyness" (as I like to call it:)

This sweater is the result of the handy-work of my mum. I only copied Michael Jackson's face upon a poster on a mathematics page and put "X" on the outline. The hard-work was of my mum, who did with lot of patience the sweater only to fulfill me a dream: of having smth that no other one has with Michael. And it was. In 1991, in Craiova, Roumania, it was smth unique :)) My whole school knew me as a MJ fan :)) I was in the 10th class (2nd class in high-school upon Roumanian teaching program) that time and I was wearing this sweater all coldly days :). And as you see, I still keep it in perfect condition :))

I am just waiting for Michael's shows in London and I still hope one show will be "reserved" also for Bucharest :D. I am simplly waiting for Mike to release a new album and I do hope that all his funs we will stay together and BUY (not download via internet !!) his music; that we will stay all together and support Mike, for Mike to compose new music for us and bring joy in our lives with each new concert he will do, with each new song which will stay 10 weeks consequentively on the 1st place in all charts, as all this songs did!!

I am longing for the years when MTV, M6 and all other channels were full of Michael's music, when on weekends I could see full weekends dedicated to Michael!!! Because listening Michael's music, I feel that I'm alive !!

Therefore, I do THANK YOU, MICHAEL !, for living in my time and offering me in this way the chance to know your music!

(for more info on Michael Jackson, please visit his official site:

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